Helping founders launch the next wave of DeFi innovation

We are passionate about helping bootstrap new projects and DeFi protocols that are built on the following principles:

Fair distribution, no early access or pre-mine

Community ownership and governance early on

Innovation, but responsible approach to risk

Economics that make sense and can be sustainable

Composability and interop with the ecosystem



  1. Apply with your project or concept idea (anonymous applications will be reviewed).
  2. Develop your project with the accelerator's assistance.
  3. Your project is yours. Executing it is in your hands.
  4. We never take any token preallocation or equity.


We've assembled a group of world-class mentors, each an industry expert, in these key fields: Product/UX to help pull your concept into a shippable product. Crypto economics to discuss theory and help finetune your model. Solidity to help review and improve your contract code. Frontend/dev to help engineer a fullstack dapp and actually deliver it. Community/marketing to help level up your meme game and create a kick-ass brand.

All mentorship and collaboration is done remotely, via online chat / video chat / pull requests on GitHub.


Demo project to showcase our mentors' abilities and for you to build on, created in a one week hackathon. Gameified yield farming in which tokens compete to become next week's farming target.


To submit your project to the accelerator, use the form below or send an email and tell us about your concept and your team. Anonymous applications will be reviewed: